What is filler injection?

Dama Clinic provides vital services for those looking for natural beauty and permanent youth. This clinic uses the latest technology and is affiliated with doctors who specialize in filler injections to enhance skin elasticity, fill folds, and correct aesthetic defects. If you want to improve your appearance and increase your natural attractiveness in the long term, Filler injections are the perfect choice for you.
Filler injection is a cosmetic technique used to obtain the most suitable and attractive facial features. This technique is considered one of the most famous aesthetic techniques in the world. Where the substance known as “Filler” is inserted by means of specialized needles into the part of the face to be treated.

Why do you need filler injections?

The body loses fat and collagen over time. In addition to external factors such as the sun, pollution and smoking, Which negatively affects the skin

So, Filler injections are needed to help the skin retain elasticity and maintain the natural facial shape. Filler injections also help in overcoming wrinkles and fine lines. And in working to increase the size of different areas of the face such as lips and cheeks

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Uses of filler injections for women

Thanks to the use of the latest technology and the best materials available in the market, Nadara Clinic can offer you a selection of ideal beauty treatments. After consulting with a doctor, Customers can choose the option that is right for them and that guarantees excellent results without any harmless side effects

Filler injections are widely used in women today. It is considered one of the popular means to improve the freshness of the skin and hide the signs of aging. It is also used to modify the shapes of the face and body

What are the uses of filler injections for men?

This treatment has long been within the realm of female beauty only. But in recent years, Men are starting to use filler injections as well to improve their appearance

Men commonly use filler injections to give more volume to the chin and jawline, define the lines visible on the face, Which helps to get a sharper and more masculine look. Since the chin and jaw are the most visible features of a man, Filler injections provide good results for them

Where are the filler injection sites?

Fillers are usually injected into areas that need to add volume or enhancement. like cheeks, lips, under the eyes, and around the mouth. It can also be used to fill in lines and wrinkles on the face. Such as forehead lines and nasolabial lines

Advantages of filler injections at Dama Clinics in Hurghada

1- Quick results: Filler injections do not require a long recovery period. Where users can get instant results in the naked eye

2- Safe and effective: Filler injections remain a safe and effective procedure that helps improve the texture and appearance of the skin

3- Non-surgical cosmetic method: Filler injections only require applying some injections in the treatment area. regardless of the targeted areas of the face, without the need for surgery

4- Improving the jaw line: with age, The jaw line can lose its distinctive shape that defines the face

5- No feeling of pain: Primarily used almost complete anesthesia, So that the patient feels very comfortable during and after the procedure

The best doctor for filler injections in Hurghada

Dama Center is located in Hurghada. One of the most important medical centers in the Red Sea.

The center was founded by Dr. Amani Al-Tawabti Al-Nasr. She is a doctor specializing in dermatology, laser and cosmetic diseases. Dr. Amani is considered one of the best doctors in her field.

Our customers' experiences testify to us

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Special prices for filler injections in Hurghada

Dama Clinic offers the perfect opportunity to get filler injections at great prices. The clinic uses the latest technology and high-quality products to meet the needs of its clients. It is characterized by a specialized medical team capable of providing the best services and results

The difference between filler and botox injections

The filler contains compounds rich in hyaluronic acid. It is a type of sugar that is found naturally in the skin. It is injected under the skin to fill lines and wrinkles and correct the size of the lips, cheeks and chin.

While Botox is a cosmetic treatment characterized by the use of various botulinum proteins, the benefits of Botox for the face

Helps reduce thick facial wrinkles and treat fine lines.